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Who’s ready to get their hands on our premium cannabis pre-roll?  Filled with 100% indoor top quality nugs, our pre-rolls will you have exploring space.  No filler, no shake, no trim.  Grab the Explorer Case and Space Tube single and start exploring today. 

Space Case


The perfect tool for every explorer.  Don’t be left without something to smoke on by having 7 half gram joints at your fingertips.  3.5g total comes inside filled with premium Zanna.  Engraved on the insert inside comes Chapter 1 – The Beginning.  Get your hands on our limited edition Space Case. 

Space Tube

Single 1g Pre-Roll

The stars aligned to create this Space Tube. Weighing in at a full gram, the Space Tube is the perfect vessel for our single pre-roll. It fits in your pocket or in your bag and keeps the pre-roll in perfect condition.