Getting to Know the Cultivation Crew

Growing weed may seem like an easy thing to do.  Simply water, provide sun, and watch nature do the rest.  While for the weed that grows on the side on the sidewalk may need little to no attention, cannabis has the ability to reach high potential depending on the amount of attention you give it.  Depending on the grower and methods used, cannabis is able to grow taller, stronger, and better.  Throughout the years cannabis has been getting richer in THC due to improved growing methods and techniques.  The research the cannabis community has been able to conduct has evolved into a better understanding of terpenes and the Entourage Effect.  The Entourage Effect  is the overall effect of all compounds found in cannabis. The growers and cultivation team at Zanna take pride in understanding this fascinating plant and implement both old and new techniques to grow the best cannabis.  

“I’ve been growing cannabis now for about 12 years.  I’m a second generation grower.  My dad got me into growing” said Zanna cultivator Justin.

“I’ve been growing for about 18 years,” said another Zanna cultivator J.

“I’ve been growing for a few years now,” said crew cultivator Daniel.

It takes a team to work together in harmony to bring out the best of cannabis.  And having a crew that has a lot of experience is the first step to building a solid foundation.  Zanna’s Captain Kirch goes through each growers history and resume to make sure they will be a perfect fit.  Captain Kirch bonds with not only the flowers but his crew.  Captain Kirch is known for growing Zanna to an extremely highly potent form.  From the nursery to the grow to the harvest, the full process of the plant is carefully taken notice of.   

“You have to give them just as much love as you want out of them.  If you want that top product, you want that greatness,  you gotta put that love into it to get it at the end,” said J.

“Yes, the more attention you give them, the better obviously they are going to bloom, said Marissa.  “I’m one of those believers, that if you talk them a little bit, you know, they liven up.”

“I do believe if you sing and talk to the plants, they do listen,” said Justin.

“Paying close attention to the plant is definitely important,” said Daniel.

The cultivation crew is working hard non-stop to grow Zanna for everyone to enjoy.  The crew works 7 days a week to make sure all the levels, watering, pH balance, humidity and every variable is in place.  Zanna tests every batch to ensure safety and cleanliness of the product.  The cultivation crew is continuously pheno hunting and researching the market to keep improving and staying ahead of the curve.  The cannabis industry is ever evolving and Zanna’s cultivation crew is making sure they are growing the best weed in California. 

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The Art Of Rolling A Joint

Rolling a joint. A tradition as old as time itself. Before the bong and before e-rigs there was the simple art form of rolling a joint. But it is not as easy as it looks. There are thousands of stoners who do not know how to roll a joint. And there are thousands others who say one is not a true cannabis enthusiast until you can roll a joint. And then, and only then, are you a true cannabis connoisseur. Zanna has been used inside joints for years and not just on this planet.

The first step is grabbing the right amount of cannabis, or Zanna, to paper ratio. There are different sizes of papers and having too little or too much can make the process difficult. One also has to remember that the quality of the flower will also affect the ease of the roll. The stickier and better the flower, the easier it will be to roll. On average you would use anywhere between .5 and 1g of flower. We like to go for a good .7 ourselves for personal smoke and at least 1g if we are sharing.

Grab your amount and grind it up! We HIGHLY recommend breaking down by hand to ensure the quality of the bud stays intact. The only downside of this, depending on how sticky your weed, is that it will leave your fingertips sticky which will make it difficult to roll the joint. Simply wash your hands with soap to rid your hands of the stickiness. Now it’s time to roll!

Grab your joint paper and begin to fill it with Zanna. As you fill the joint, make sure you leave a space where your mouth will be so that you will not breathe in the weed. It is also helpful for those who like to use “tips”. Tips are typically made out of paper and rolled like a burrito and then fitted into the mouthpiece of a joint. This helps keep the joint sturdy while stopping any weed from entering your mouth when inhaling.

After filling the joint paper with weed, slowly and gently roll the paper between your fingers to begin to shape the joint. After shaping the joint, tuck in the side of a paper that is facing you with your thumbs, and if needed your index finger. Make sure the weed is pressed tightly and compact. Once you reach the tightness you’d like for your joint, roll the paper between your fingers until the side furthest from you is barely showing. This edge has the sticky part for closure. Lick, but not too much saliva, the edge of the paper. Once you reach this point there is no stopping!

After you lick the edge, slowly begin to roll and tuck the joint. Be careful as you do not want to rip any of the paper. As you roll the joint, make sure you keep the line as straight as possible and keep as much weed inside as possible. And presto! You now have a joint of premium Zanna.

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Overview of Zanna Products

Zanna is proud to bring the cannabis community a variety of ways to smoke cannabis. Zanna brings premium cannabis to a whole new level. Zanna takes care from seed to table and their quality control is second to none. Using old school methods with a new school mentally, Zanna is ready to have you exploring like never before. Zanna brings you 8ths, a 1g Pre-Roll, 16g and 8g mini buds, and 7 joints at .5 each for a full 8th of Pre-Rolls.

Zanna is premium indoor cannabis grown in Adelanto, California. With Captain Kirch at the helm of the grow, Zanna cuts no corners when taking care of their strains to produce high quality cannabis. Zanna brings you 8ths in their Explorer Box. These boxes come equipped with 3.5gs of Zanna. The Explorer Box allows you to break up your weed and enjoy it anyway you’d like – in a bowl, joint, bong or blunt.

The Space Tube is a highly thought out product that allows you to take a joint anywhere! And it comes with one inside already. The Zanna Space Tube 1g Pre-Roll is filled with all premium quality indoor cannabis. No shake, no filler, no sticks, no stems, no seeds. The Space Tube is reusable and is extremely sturdy. You can take it anywhere without having to worry about the joint being ruined.

Zanna pays very close attention to the cannabis community and through their ear to the ground have learned that people have been asking for larger amounts of cannabis at a lower price. Upon hearing this, Zanna introduced their Meteorites. Meteorites are mini nugs. The same flower and quality as the 8ths, but just smaller size nugs. And Zanna doesn’t stop there. They also added 15% MORE cannabis than other 7g and 14g bags. This brings an extra gram for the quarter ounce and an extra 2 grams for the half ounce bag. That’s more Zanna for everyone!

What has quickly become a fan favorite, the Space Case is a travel friendly case that carries 7 half gram joints. That is a total of 3.5gs rolled into .5 sized joints. The perfect size for a quick solo smoke or a short session with a friend. And then right back to the action! The Space Case is also limited edition as it carries Chapter 1 of the history of Zanna. Learn more on the origins of Zanna while smoking Zanna.

Zanna cares deeply about the community and stops at nothing to provide clean and quality flowers at honest prices. As the cannabis community continues to grow, so will Zanna. Check out all of the Zanna products at a nearby legal cannabis retail store near me. Or ask your local shop to carry Zanna.
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El Toro Verde

El Toro Verde and Zanna presents the Executive Roll Cannagar

“Zanna’s flowers is why I chose Zanna,” said Bernie B. of El Toro Verde. “I wouldn’t be here with El Toro if it wasn’t the best.”

There is no match to the cannagar that El Toro Verde rolls. And with the added power of Zanna – makes it the premium cannagar of the industry. El Toro Verde is a unique cannagar in how it’s rolled, smoked, as well as the flower inside. The cannagar is unique in that it is an all cannabis hand rolled cigar. It is double wrapped, and triple capped like a cuban cigar but with cannabis leaves. It is filled with 7gs of premium cannabis and 1.5gs of premium rosin. There is no denying the level of craftsmanship in the El Toro Verde Executive Roll.

“With Captain Kirch, it’s consistent across the board. Pick and choose, don’t be confused, you can’t lose,” said Bernie B.

An important part of the process is picking the leaves. The fact that Bernie can walk straight into the grow and search for exactly what he is looking for heightens the quality immensely. He is able to find the right size, right look, right smell, right quality. The burning of the cannagar can be ruined by a bad leaf. El Toro Verde only uses the best.

“How we pick our leaf, is important. We come in and hand pick each leaf. We are actually looking for the size of the leaf to be usually palm or face size,” said Bernie B. Then we take it onto the next process. Just to let you see that each leaf is pulled, washed and processed.

The care that goes into each El Toro Verde cannagar is what pushes it over the top. From the beginning to the end, you will not be disappointed. There is now skewer, no hot spot, no string, no filler. It is 100% cannabis from start to finish. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and from the grower, to the timer, to the rollers, each stage of the process is carefully watched over.

How Do You Smoke The El Toro Verde Executive Roll Cannagar?
The cuban style roll, while elevating the experience and high, does have a specific way it needs to be sparked and smoked.

The El Toro Verde cannagar is sparked with a small torch. A regular lighter will not do the trick for this premium roll. As one begins to torch the end, turn the cannagar slowly in a circle to light the full end. Now you can take your first puff. When you take your first few puffs, make sure to give the cannagar a ¼ turn in order to have the cannagar burn evenly. The El Toro Verde cannagar should now be lit properly and enjoyed. Remember! A true cigar is never shared. Only enjoyed by the single person.

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Getting to Know the Trimmer Team

Zanna’s Trim Family

The cannabis industry is filled with many different areas of work.  One can be a grower, farmer, trimmer, lab technician, extractor, driver, buyer, and the list goes on.  The legality of cannabis has increased the job force by creating more required infrastructure than before.  Human resources, marketing, product development and more, are now part of the business plan that cannabis businesses need.  There is no job more important than the next as each step is crucial in delivery top quality, premium cannabis to the consumer.  However, there are few jobs that have always been around the cannabis industry, and will continue to be around.  One of these jobs are trimmers. 

Trimmers, in the cannabis industry, refer to the group of people that literally trim off the excess leaves and stems in order to leave the full nug.  Why are trimmers so important?  The leaves and foliage that surround the cannabis nugs are not only filled with trichomes, thc, and can be used for other products, but serve as a protective layer to the nug(s).  The lack of attention to removing this layer can affect the nug in a very negative way.  If incorrectly trimmed, the end product can be harmed.  There can be less THC (as well as other beneficial compounds such as CBD), squished nugs, excess stems, excess leaves and an overall inferior looking product.  The importance of trimming is not lost to Zanna who chooses to still hire people to trim by hand.  No machines are used when trimming Zanna premium flowers.  Zanna trains each and every trimmer to make sure the quality is high and the standard is never dropped.

Another major reason Zanna hires hand trimmers is to further build the culture behind Zanna.  Cannabis is a plant and to be surrounded by other living beings that love cannabis further pushes Zanna’s passion for the culture.  And similar to food, growing with love creates a better product.  Zanna’s trimmers are hard working and cannabis lovers.  As time has passed, it is wonderful to see the employees bond like family.  Here is what a few of the Zanna trimmers have to say.  

“I love it,” says Brandon. 

“Feels like a kid in a playground,” says Axel.

“We consider the trim room like a trim family,” says Jesse.

The trimmers have spoken out and Zanna doesn’t want it any other way.   Good people creating good vibes is an environment that Zanna is happy to be a part of.  This feeling that is inside the workplace is hopefully transferred to each and every nug that gets smoked.  

“What I live about cannabis is that it helps me relax, be creative,”  says Tabitha.  “It’s great working here at Zanna.  I love it.  Family environment.”

Building a family environment is important to Zanna.  The teamwork and effort that goes into growing weed at Zanna can be felt from the moment you walk in.  From the nursery room to growers to trimmers to the packaging team and more, Zanna wants to welcome you to their family. 

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Deep Spacecast: Transmission I- 710 Hang out

Deep Spacecast Mission 1 : 710 Hangout with Sen Dog, Ricky Williams, Soilgrown Solventless & El Toro Verde

Zanna had an opportunity to meet and smoke with legends on the wonderful day of 710.  Zanna sat down with Sen Dog from Cypress HIll & Power Flo and HIll House Reserve, ex-NFL Professional athlete Ricky WIlliams, Phil Salazar from Soilgrown Solventless and Bernie B. of El Toro Verde.  710 is a celebration for the cannabis community.  The cannabis community celebrates 420 for the weed/flower side, and then 710 for the concentrates/hash/dabs.  If one turns 710 around it spells “OIL”.  

The smoking began immediately as Bernie B. provided each their own El Toro Verde Executive Roll.  This is 7g’s of premium Zanna flower and 1.5g’s of live rosin.  And what happens when a group begins to smoke? Stories begin to be shared and we were able to listen in on some of these amazing stories.  

Sen Dog began the conversation with a question to Ricky Williams most of us have been wondering.  

“Did you ever play stoned?” asked Sen Dog.

“No,” said Ricky Williams.  “But when I went up to Canada, I broke my arm and missed like 2 months. And when I was rehabbing I started to practice a little bit and one day it was raining.  So we were driving to a facility that was covered and we were driving to practice and the guys started to pass a blunt around.  And so I hit it a couple times, and I did practice high.  I had the most amazing practice ever.”

Ricky Williams gave us a look into how cannabis helped him during and after rehab.  The first hand experience from a top athlete is a testimonial that carries a lot of weight.  Ricky Williams had a broken arm, and a slight tear in his achilles.  He was in a lot of pain and cannabis helped him curb this pain and allowed him to feel confident on the field. 

Ricky Williams then turns to Phil from Soilgrown Solventless and asks “What do you do?”

“I specialize in making hash and solventless concentrates,” replied Phil of Soilgrown Solventless.  I used to be passionate about concentrates period.  What I first learned was butane wax […] I then I started researching on hash. I have this desire, this fire that i just want to do something other than growing.  Something different.”  

It is a great to see people connect and bond over cannabis.  And with cannabis, there are so many ways for one to consume that people can pick and choose what they like.  Sen Dog has been an advocate for the cannabis industry since the 90’s and shared a story about his first time smoking kush with B-Real from Cypress Hill.

“I remember the first time I ever smoked some kush, it was in 1998 and my partner Breal, I think he was the first one in California to have it.  He said it was, so I kinda believe him.  And like you said earlier,  about started to feel weird and anxiety kinda thing.  I felt that when he first let me hit that weed,” said shared Sen Dog.  “So the next day I was like, you know what, I got to master that.  I got to go back to the studio and smoke with him all day again until that doesn’t happen. And eventually that came to pass.  I don’t feel anxiety anymore.  I’m just me being me with a nice little head buzz on me.”  

Do you remember the first time ever smoking kush? It is not your average chronic.  There are a lot of stories that are based around the 90’s having the best weed and how kush changed the industry.  

Cannabis has helped a lot fo people in different ways.  Some in sports, and others in education.  Bernie B. of El Toro Verde shared one of his cannabios stories. 

“I would read and it would be like putting a puppy to sleep.  Now I can get through a whole book,” said Bernie B.  “I can actually understand what I just read.”

The endocannabinoid system is just recently being explored and every person has a unique system.  Cannabis seems to affect people differently.  From creatives to athletes to scholars – cannabis is a running theme amongst even the most elite.

It was a great 710 celebration.  Zanna shared their flowers with Sen Dog, Ricky Williams, Soilgrown Solventless and El Toro Verde to make a day that will be remembered forever. 

Kickin’ It With Kahla

Kickin’ It With Kahla ( @Miss_Grey_13 )

Kahla is born and raised in Arizona but that would not stop her from heading on a mission to California to try some Zanna.  It was a day filled with excitement, adventure and of course, Zanna.  We were able to have quality time, get to know Kahla, and get really high.  

Kahla has been modeling since the age of 14 and grew up with a creative, fiery spirit.  She has been making her presence felt in the world for as long as she can remember and has been published more times than she can count.  She is a firm believer in spreading knowledge and normalizing cannabis.  Her ambition, passion, and dedication to her life and family makes her the perfect explorer.  We gave her an 8th of our finest cannabis and she was extremely delighted.

Kahla let us know that she loved smoking outdoors and we had a perfect setting for her.  We took her to Long Beach, California and gave her the chance to enjoy herself and Zanna.  She quickly got out of the car and strolled over to the park.  We also provided Kahla a Zanna T-Shirt and lighter! Who doesn’t love merch?! She had brought along her backpack which she had stored Zanna and the lighter.  Kahla sat down at a bench and would you believe….she pulls out Sensi Magazine as her rolling tray! We have used Sensi Magazine as a rolling tray numerous times and the friendly familiar face of Sensi Magazine made the experience even better.  Kahla rolled a beautiful joint and began smoking.

Kahla took a few puffs from her Zanna joint and her eyes widened.  The loud smell and aroma made its way to the back of her brain and fired off all her synapsis.  The look was a pleasure for us to see as we are happy to know that Earth’s mightiest explorers are enjoying Zanna.  The terpenes mixed with high THC creates the perfect Entourage Effect.  Kahla could feel Zanna running through her body and decided to get up and go for a walk.  We walked and talked with Kahla as she enjoyed her Zanna joint.  It was a beautiful day outside and we could not have thought of a better way to enjoy it.  Summer days and Zanna.  Perfect combination.  

Kahla came back down to Earth after a few hours and we caught up with her experience.  Her mission was a complete success.  Transmission successful.  Kahla left high and happy.  We can’t wait to keep sharing more Zanna. 

Jet Room Launch

Jet Room – Zanna Is Ready To Launch In The CIty of Adelanto

Zanna is launching at its first retail store – Jet Room.  Jet Room is a legal and compliant cannabis retail store in the city of Adelanto.  Located at 17499 Adelanto Road, Adelanto California 92301, Jet Room is both open for legal medical patients over 18+ and recreational for all California residents over the age of 21.  Jet Room opened up in December of 2017 and boasts an impressive showroom with a huge selection of licensed cannabis companies.  There are top brands from all throughout California and it is an honor to be amongst the brands to choose from.

Zanna will be inside Jet Room and available for purchase beginning May 12th.  Zanna will be giving out 50 free lighters and 25 free facemasks.  Jet Room will be carrying 5 Zanna strains.  The 5 Zanna strains that will be making their way and be available for purchase are Romulan, Purple Punch, Vanilla Frosting, Fire OGand Venom OG.  Zanna cannabis is ready for Earth’s explorers.  The cannabis community is going to feel a new type of high with Zanna.

How does one get to the Jet Room in Adelanto? Jet Room is located off the I-15 Freeway.  If one is coming South from Barstow/Las Vegas direction, it will be right after Apple Valley.  If one is coming from Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County areas, it will be the I-15N – Exit 141 onto US-395.  Make a right onto Rancho rd and then a left onto Adelanto Rd.  Jet Room will be on your right hand side.  

The city of Adelanto has been supportive of the cannabis community and has been one of the most receptive cities in California.  The city has also approved legal cannabis events to take place within their city limits and has also proposed a cannabis park that would take 105 acres of mostly dirt and Joshua trees.  Adelanto allows, with proper permits and licenses, the following cannabis activities : Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing (volatile or non-volatile), Distribution/Transportation, Nurseries, and Testing.  

Jet Room in the city of Adelanto is the perfect location for the first launch of Zanna.  The staff is highly knowledgeable and the customer service is at it’s finest.  The budtenders know about terpenes, THC, CBD and more.  They will help you find the product you are looking for and also help recommend other products that will help aid you in what you are looking for.  Zanna has landed and it’s time for the explorer in you, to try a taste.

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What are Terpenes?

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the compounds that provide fruits and plants their flavor and smell.  There are 6 main terpenes found in cannabis and each affect the endocannabinoid system differently.  The main 6 are Lemonyne, Pinene, Linalool, Caryophyllene,, Myrcene, and Humulene.   Each terpene provides a wide set of benefits and below is a basic breakdown of what each provides in flavor, scent, and feelings.  Terpenes are an important part to the Entourage Effect.

Lemonyne – Found in strains such as Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze, Lemonyne provides citrus, lemon and orange flavor with citrus rinds, juniper and peppermint as its scent. These terpenes are said to help in elevating one’s mood, aid in depression, is antifungal, and helps relieve stress.  

Humlene – Found in strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Headband.  Humlene provides a wood and earth flavor with hops and coriander scent.  These terpenes are said to help suppress appetite and aid in pain and inflammation. 

Pinene – Found in strains such as Romulan and OG Kush.  Pinene provides a sharp, sweet and piney flavor with sage and pine scents.  These terpenes are said to help with inflammation, asthma and memory retention.  

Linalool – Found in strains such as Skywalker OG and Pink Kush.  Linalool provides floral and spicy undertones with lavender, rosewood and floral scents.  These terpenes are said to help calm one down, sedate, and aid in insomnia.  

Caryophyllene – Found in strains such as Bubba Kush and White Widow.  Caryophyllene provides a pepper and wood flavor with a peppery, hoppy scent.  These terpenes are said to help muscle spasms and relieve pain.  

Myrcene – Found in strains such as Alien OG and Granddaddy Purple.  Myrcene provides a mango, thyme, and lemongrass flavor with a musky and herbal scent.  These terpenes are said to help relax and calm one down.  These terpenes are also antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial.

Terpenes are what gives cannabis its distinct aroma and specific flavor qualities.  There are more than 100 terpenes overall.  When the combination of Terpenes, THC, CBD and Flavonoids come together in perfect harmony, it is called the Entourage Effect.  Terpenes play an important role when it comes to receiving the full benefits of cannabis and consumers are being informed more and more everyday about terpenes.

Meet Captain Kirsh

Meet Captain Kirch – Head Grower of Zanna

“I just enjoy growing.  Cannabis happens to be one of those special plants,” states Captain Kirch.

Captain Kirch grew up on Earth but has a mind from another galaxy.  It is a perfect combination for introducing Zanna to Earth.  Captain Kirch has over 35 years of experience growing cannabis and even longer growing plants.  

“Someone approached me with some cannabis, it had seeds, and that’s where it all began,” Captain Kirch said…we wonder who gave Captain Kirch his first dose of cannabis…

Captain Kirch began turning his hand green by gardening fruits and vegetables as a child.  When cannabis was introduced to Kirch at the age of 15, his level of growing experience was far beyond those his age.  Kirch was able to grow the cannabis seeds and very quickly turned all of his attention to cultivating cannabis.  Similar to many young cannabis entrepreneurs, Kirch had his first garden at his house.  His parents house to be exact.  These conditions may not be ideal, but it leads to learning how to grow in any situation.  As Captain Kirch grew better and better cannabis, the size of his grow got bigger and bigger.  

“The difference in growing from a small grow to a large grow, I mean, it’s pretty much the same.  It’s just a lot more work.  A lot more goes into the efforts and the labors and things like that,” states Captain Kirch.  

Captain Kirch now mans the helm at Zanna headquarters here on Earth.  The grow is one of the largest indoor cultivation sites in all of California.  Everything is 100% compliant, legal and on board to be a one-of-a-kind facility.  There are multiple rooms  that handle everything from the nursery to cloning to growing to rosin pressing, Captain Kirch and the team bring Zanna to its full potential.  Zanna is premium indoor quality flowers.  So what goes into growing quality flowers?

“What goes into growing quality flowers, I mean you just have to keep all your elements in control,” voiced Captain Kirch. “From your PH, your nutrients, your environments, you just have to keep everything in line and not go out of balance on anything.”

The attention to detail comes from the top and team Zanna follows the Captains every word.   The main cannabis strain grown is OG.  Captain Kirch and his team have worked together for years and have honed in a lot of practices that have finally brought Zanna to its full potential.  There is a lot of new technology in the cannabis industry; however, Captain Kirch understands the values and traditions that elevate cannabis.  

“The most of everything that we’re doing is the old school. We’re running the way we have over the last 20 years,” said Captain Kirch.  “One of the things that we want to do is keep the energy producers but you also don’t want them too thick, so the plant can breathe.”

Cannabis knowledge is best learned from trial and error.  In the traditional days, learning how to grow was not as easy as going to google and searching it.  And even with technology there is no better way to learn than by doing.  Zanna has a head grower with more experience and knowledge than most.