Chapter 8

As the explorer begins the descent, the explorer continues to peer out of the spaceship. The planet is beautiful with luscious greenery and a beautiful blue sky. The ship lands on a beautiful meadow near a lake. No turbulence as the spaceship softly lands. The explorer is nervous but after being on Planet Z, is more confident in friendly inhabitants. The main concern is all the bulls. Bulls of all different colors are roaming freely. The explorer exits the spaceship and soon realized that not all the bulls are…bulls. Some are cows. As the explorer tries to wrap some thoughts about which colors are cows and which are bulls, every single one of them stops what they are doing, and turns to stare right at the explorer. The explorer stands still. Then, in unison, they lineup in 2 rows and stand staring at each other. The explorer can see something in the distance walking up.

A massive green bull is walking up to the explorer. This green bull is bigger, stronger, and looks to be in command of the others. There is silence as the bull finally reaches the explorer and stops. The bull opens its mouth and…

“Hello there. I am El Toro Verde. My family has been in a leadership position here on Planet Toro for centuries. We welcome you and wish you no harm. We notice you are in the spaceships of our good friends over on Planet Z. What brought you here today?”

The explorer is stunned. The bull speaks. And very intellectually as well. The lapse was not missed by El Toro Verde.

“Excuse me friend. Perhaps the trip has weighed heavy on you. Allow me to provide you with water, food and one of our home grown cannagars. It is 7gs of premium Zanna cannabis and 1.5gs of live rosin. It will get you to exactly where you want to be.”

Zanna here on Planet Toro? But how?

The explorer shakes off the frozen feeling and is finally able to speak.

“Hi and yes Thank you for your hospitality. I am friends with the inhabitants on Planet Z and have just come from there. I hit some turbulence as a spaceship abruptly appeared in front of me and I landed here. Thank you for the water, food and cannagar. I enjoyed Zanna on Planet Z and I am sure your cannagar is amazing,” said the explorer.

El Toro Verde turns around and begins to walk from where he came. The explorer followed and as they walked the other bulls and cows began to go back to what they were doing It seems El Toro Verde is the main one to know…

Chapter 7

The explorer wakes up and is greeted with the smell of Zanna being smoked. It smells amazing and as the explorer gets ready begins to also get high. The explorer leaves the room and sees Mazar smoking at a table. On the table are 5 bags the size of a quarter next to an envelope.

“Come and join me”’ says Mazar.

‘The explorer sits down next to Mazar and stares down at what looks like seeds.

“These are Zanna seeds.” begins Mazar. “Each seed is the beginning of the process for you to bring peace, love, kindness, and energy to Earth. The power and responsibility must not be taken lightly. You will change the course of history and be the chosen one. Take these with you and go back to Earth. I have placed the coordinates into the navigation system and it should take you straight to Earth.

The explorer is ready to go. As the explorer heads over to the spaceship, Mazar says one final thing.

“Be safe and remember – Zanna is for everyone.”

The explorer gets into the spaceship and is ready to go. The spaceship starts to rumble and begins to lift off. The explorer holds on but the ride is smooth. The explorer goes higher and higher and before too long, is completely in outer space. The explorer can see Planet Z and it is becoming smaller and smaller. The spaceship begins to pick up speed when all of a sudden an alarm begins to sound. There’s a red light on the dashboard and the explorer is confused. A screen pops up on the dashboard and reads…

‘Danger, Danger, unforseen object. Change course. Repeat ; Change course.’

The explorer reaches for the steering wheel as there is a bright flash that blinds the explorer. The flash goes away as quickly as it came and floating in front of the explorer is another spaceship. A much larger spaceship. The alarm sounds off again and the screen now reads…

‘Danger, Danger. Dangerous object ahead. Change course. Repeat ; Change course.’

The explorer grabs the steering wheel and changes course but the spaceship seems to be moving slower and slower. In fact, it seems to be moving backwards. Towards the unknown spaceship.

I have to get out of here. I have to get back to save Earth.

The explorer scrambles to find a way to increase the speed. Buttons are being pushed, screens are being pressed, and joysticks are being moved. The explorer looks up and sees a green handle. With nothing to lose, the explorer grands and yanks on the handle. The explorer is slammed into the seat as the spaceship jolts forward and rushes into space. The explorer can only see rays of light passing by and after what seems like only a few seconds, the spaceship slows down and the explorer regains the ability to move. The explorer peers out of the window and sees a planet. A sense of relief washes over as Earth is within sight. The explorer sits back down and steers the ship towards Earth. The spaceship begins to descend and the explorer is happy to be home. The familiar sights of ocean and mountains ranges are welcoming to the explorer. Familiar animals like bulls are within sight. Beautiful bulls. All different colors. Yellow, blue, red, purple……

Uh-oh….this is not Earth…

Chapter 6

The explorer and Mazar make their way to the back of the home.  As they step outside the explorer is astonished at what is being looked at.  All of the meteorites are gleaming from the sun hitting the THC crystals.  The explorer has never seen weed drop from the sky.  The explorer can see Mazar’s neighbors picking up the Meteorites and the explorer bends over to pick one up.  The smell is loud and the potency can be seen.  The explorer looks down at where the meteorites were sitting and there is still something glistening on the ground.  As the explorer bends over, Mazar speaks.

“Ahhh, you can see the potency and quality of Zanna.  What you see there is our Meteorite Dust.  We also collect these even smaller nugs.  Zanna is so good that even the Meteorites have high quality dust.  These are perfect for rolling into joints or quick smoking. “

The explorer is bewildered by all of the cannabis on this planet.  Lost in thoughts, the explorer barely notices the spaceship.  This must be one of the smallest spaceships the explorer has ever seen.  The size is that of a car and fits the same amount of people.  Mazar reaches over and hands the explorer a controller. 

“This is how you enter and start the vehicle.  The premise is the same for all ships throughout the galaxy.  Whether it is being fueled by gas, air, Zanna, energy, water etc., You fly with pedals and steer with a wheel.  Here, let’s give it a try, “ says Mazar.

The explorer gets inside with Mazar and starts the ship.  They take off and the explorer realizes the craftsmanship and technology is far beyond that of Earth.  The explorer catches on quickly and Mazar discovers how smart the explorer really is.  Perhaps this is the explorer….the chosen one….

They land back at Mazar’s home and go back inside the house.  It is now getting dark and they both sit down to eat.  Mazar begins to speak…

“It has been awhile since we have visited your planet.  It is written in the stars that one day an explorer from Earth would arrive.  And they would need our help.  This is a story told to all Zannians from when we are young.  We are told to spread love, peace, and kindness.  And we do so by sharing Zanna.”

The explorer could not believe what is being said.  This is exactly what was being searched for.  The mission can be accomplished.  

“I will give you Zanna seeds and specific instructions and traditions on how to grow them,” said Mazar.  “These seeds will be a variety of flavors and strains and you must follow our ways to grow these to their full potential.  You also must agree that you will use this for the improvement and bettering of Earth’s environment and life.  Zanna is a gift.  A gift for us all to enjoy.”

“Yes,” says the explorer.  “I agree and commit to your ways.  Earth is ready to explore the world of Zanna.”

“Good.  Now get rest and tomorrow you will go back to Earth,” says Mazar.


Chapter 5

The explorer is happy to hear Mazar speak about going home and as the explorer enters Mazar’s home, the explorers eyes widen.  Mazar’s home is filled with telescopes, blueprints, drawings, books, and of course, Zanna.  The explorer makes his way further inside and Mazar is about to speak when there is a light rumbling.  It sounds as if small baseballs are falling on the rooftop.   

“Oh don’t worry,” says Mazar.  “That is just the Meteorites.  At 420pm everyday, the sky opens up and we are blessed with Meteorites.  These are top quality, high end, top shelf, premium Zanna mini nugs.  While not as large as the Zanna we grow, the Meteorites provide the same punch and flavor.  It is for everyone.”

The explorer goes back to the doorway and looks outside.  Mazar is speaking the truth.  What looks like rain falling on Earth is Zanna  falling on Planet Z.  Rain helps bring life to the planet and it seems Meteorites do the same here.  

“Let us smoke while I tell you how to get home,” says Mazar.  

Mazar lights another Zanna joint and the explorer is all ears.

“You are not the first to have arrived here.  We also know we are the most peaceful and self sustained planet in the universe.  And how do we know this? Because everyone comes here with problems.  And we are happy to help.  What you may not realize is that we have already been to your planet.  We have helped in various ways with Zanna.  Planet Earth was just not ready to accept.  We were there to help Henry Ford create the hemp car.  Stronger and lighter than steel, this vehicle would be the future of transportation.  We were the growing hemp with George Washington to begin America with large cannabis fields.  We passed out Zanna joints during the historic Martin Luther King Jr. walk and famous “I Have A Dream” speech.  We supported Elizabeth Cady Stanton in civil rights and women’s rights in their movement.  We have helped the Zanna community on Earth and are ready to continue.  We support peace throughout the universe.  Earth included.  We have ventured into your solar system, and will help you get back so that you may help create the peaceful home that you desire.  We have transportation that will take you back to your solar system.  We will provide you seeds which carry the genes for the best Zanna.  You must grow them with the strict procedures we will share with you.  This will give you the different types of Zanna, or cannabis as your Earthlings call it, to grow on Earth.


Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The explorer has now realized what it is going to take to save Earth from climate change, war, and more.  The Earth must grow cannabis everywhere possible.  This realization has the explorer thinking of so many possibilities that the explorer hasn’t noticed Mazar go silent.  The joint is done.  The explorer now has the munchies as well as the thoughts of how to get home.  To eat or to get home….to eat or get home….

“Do you have any food by chance?” says the explorer.

“Hahaha Yes,” Says Mazar.  “Follow me.”

The explorer begins to walk and follows Mazar through the cannabis plants, over hills, through trees and, after what seems to be a short amount of time, is abruptly surprised by a small village in the middle of the forest.  

“Welcome to Del Atona.  It is our village.  We work, eat, sleepy, grow and live here.  From here we visit our family and friends who also live in similar settings.” said Mazar.

At first the explorer was shocked at how primitive the village looked.  Houses and buildings were made of plants.  The streets were dirt and the transportation…..the Zannians were walking, driving, riding and flying.  There were huge fields of Zanna, as far as the explorer can see. Slowly the explorers’ eyes began to widen as the level of technology and sophistication began to make itself clear.  There is no pollution.  Everyone is smiling.  Everything is being powered and fueled.  As the explorer walks through the village Mazar gives an explanation.

“Our vehicles are powered by cannabis,our buildings are powered by Zanna, every aspect of our life revolves around Zanna.  We only work to sustain the lifestyle we desire.  Zannians do not have currency.  We trade our services or trade in Zanna.  Due to the abundance of food and resources, there is no need for greed.  Everyone has more than enough thanks to Zanna,” explained Mazar.

It is beginning to make sense to the explorer and they soon find themselves at the foot of Mazar’s home.  The explorer has only one question.  How to get home.  If the explorer can find a way home and bring back this knowledge and Zanna, the Earth can be saved.  But how? The spaceship crashed.  Surely the Zannians have a way off their planet…

“Now,” said Mazar.  “Let us help get you home…”


Chapter 3

Walking on 2 legs, with a tail, from behind the cannabis stalks, appears a fuschia colored life form.  And the life form begins to speak….

“Hello there…and welcome.  My name is Mazar.  We are Zannians and this is Planet Z.  We wish you no harm as we are a peaceful planet.  With whom do we have the pleasure of speaking too?”

The explorer stays silent as every word is understandable.  Mazar is speaking English.  The confusion is masked by the helmet and the explorer recovers after an awkward silence.

“Hi, I am from planet Earth.  I come in peace and mean you no harm,” says the explorer.

Mazar begins to walk closer and there seems to be something smoking like a gun in his hand.  The explorer gets a sense of fear but is quickly disarmed when Mazar puts his hand to his mouth and seems to be inhaling the smoke.  It’s a joint.  Mazar is casually puffing on weed.  Mazar stretched out his arm and holds out the joint as a friendly pass.

“We, Zannians, believe in peace and harmony.  Our planet is lush with Zanna and we incorporate it into our everyday lives.  Our fields are full, our food is plentiful, Zannians are happy, there is no war, and our air, forests and oceans are as clean as can be.  We owe this all to the wonderful plant – Zanna,” says Mazar.

The explorer reaches out and grabs the joint…

“The smell is outrageous.  The ash and smoke are pure white as proof of the quality and cleanliness of the cannabis plant.  Except here…it is not called cannabis…it is called Zanna…”

The astronaut can hear Mazar speaking and as the explorer is trying to take all the information in, takes a couple puffs of Zanna.

Passes it back to Mazar.

Mazar puffs and passes back to explorer.

Explorer puffs and passes it back to Mazar.

The explorer is extremely high at this point…

“…Did you know the word bed..actually looks like a bed?  Why do noses run…but feet smell?  If you’re waiting for the waiter…doesn’t that make you the waiter?

Zanna is helping Planet Z be peaceful and environmentally safe.  The air is fresh.  The crops are growing exponentially.  The clothes, buildings, vehicles, fuel, to soap.  All made from Zanna.  From cannabis.  I must bring this back to Earth to save it…”

The explorer has found what was being searched for.  Zanna must be brought back to Earth in order to save it.  Now to get back home…

Chapter 2

The silence is deafening and everything goes black.  The explorer’s eyes shut and then…BANG!  A loud noise erupts and the astronaut’s eyes open.  The spaceship is flying through space and sirens are blaring.  Navigation systems are down and the ship seems to be heading towards a planet.  The spaceship is going down and the astronaut is guiding it the best way possible.  The spaceship breaks the atmosphere and crashes onto the planet.

Light peers in through the cockpit.  Slowly the eyes flutter open and the realization of being alive is made clear by the breeze coming through the broken window pane of the cockpit and moving the foliage around.

“Where am I…” thinks the explorer.

The air is crisp, clean and as the explorer goes outside, the intense greenery and foliage is all the explorer can think about.  Animal sounds are surrounding him but there is no sense of danger.  Everything is at peace.  The explorer walks towards the first tree and realizes….

It’s cannabis.   Cannabis is growing freely and in abundance.

Wow, this is amazing.  What beautiful looking weed.” 

The explorer reaches out to touch the cannabis plant to make sure it is not a figment of the imagination.  The scent is very similar to that of Earth; however, this is much more pungent and the trichomes are glistening to an almost blinding point.  The buds are sticky and as the astronaut attempts to break a stalk off, a loud noise erupts.  The explorer is not alone…

From the bushes appears a blue colored animal with 3 eyes, scales, and a beak of a bird.  The explorer feels no tension and the animal is creating a soothing noise that appears to be a call.  The explorer feels at peace and as the animal begins to get closer, a voice is heard straight ahead in the distance.  The animal turns around and heads back into the bushes.

“Uh-oh…I really hope the people here are friendly.  They have to with all this weed…”

The explorer begins to shout….“Hey! Over here! I could use some assistance!”

The movement stops and the other voice comes to a halt.  Suddenly there are voices all around the astronaut and with so many, it is hard to distinguish what any are saying.  The explorer begins to feel nervous.  The voices are getting closer and closer.  Then…from behind the cannabis stalks…there seems to be a group of….people?  But not regular humans.  This is something different.  They are not from the human race.

Chapter One – The Beginning

Chapter One – The Beginning

Due to climate change, humanity is reaching its end and a familiar resource has made its way from another planet to save it.

As the earth keeps plummeting into the dangers of climate change, it is up to one explorer to save humanity. The daunting task of saving planet earth is not an easy one to bear and with the earth running out of resources and with no new discoveries found, the explorer is ready to venture where none have ventured before – Planets beyond our current exploration.

Space exploration and new planets that are able to sustain life is the main initiative. Leaving all friends and family behind, the explorer is ready for the great unknown. 1st stop – Proxima Centauri, the closest star to earth. The launch is successful and the entire planet watches as the spaceship makes its way out of our atmosphere and into space.

3 years go by and the explorer is almost there. But wait…

Sirens begin to sound and the ship’s instruments begin to report what is happening. The explorer realizes there is a rip in spacetime due to the collapse of the star. Proxima Centauri seems to have reached the end of its cycle and has now collapsed in on itself creating a Black Hole. The explorer rushes to turn the ship around to escape, but it’s too late. The Black Hole has too strong of a gravitational pull, and Earth’s last hope seems to be gone as the ship sinks deeper and deeper into nothingness. As the explorer is fully engulfed, there is a moment of silence as the ship is doing everything possible to not shatter into pieces.