Rolling a joint. A tradition as old as time itself. Before the bong and before e-rigs there was the simple art form of rolling a joint. But it is not as easy as it looks. There are thousands of stoners who do not know how to roll a joint. And there are thousands others who say one is not a true cannabis enthusiast until you can roll a joint. And then, and only then, are you a true cannabis connoisseur. Zanna has been used inside joints for years and not just on this planet.

The first step is grabbing the right amount of cannabis, or Zanna, to paper ratio. There are different sizes of papers and having too little or too much can make the process difficult. One also has to remember that the quality of the flower will also affect the ease of the roll. The stickier and better the flower, the easier it will be to roll. On average you would use anywhere between .5 and 1g of flower. We like to go for a good .7 ourselves for personal smoke and at least 1g if we are sharing.

Grab your amount and grind it up! We HIGHLY recommend breaking down by hand to ensure the quality of the bud stays intact. The only downside of this, depending on how sticky your weed, is that it will leave your fingertips sticky which will make it difficult to roll the joint. Simply wash your hands with soap to rid your hands of the stickiness. Now it’s time to roll!

Grab your joint paper and begin to fill it with Zanna. As you fill the joint, make sure you leave a space where your mouth will be so that you will not breathe in the weed. It is also helpful for those who like to use “tips”. Tips are typically made out of paper and rolled like a burrito and then fitted into the mouthpiece of a joint. This helps keep the joint sturdy while stopping any weed from entering your mouth when inhaling.

After filling the joint paper with weed, slowly and gently roll the paper between your fingers to begin to shape the joint. After shaping the joint, tuck in the side of a paper that is facing you with your thumbs, and if needed your index finger. Make sure the weed is pressed tightly and compact. Once you reach the tightness you’d like for your joint, roll the paper between your fingers until the side furthest from you is barely showing. This edge has the sticky part for closure. Lick, but not too much saliva, the edge of the paper. Once you reach this point there is no stopping!

After you lick the edge, slowly begin to roll and tuck the joint. Be careful as you do not want to rip any of the paper. As you roll the joint, make sure you keep the line as straight as possible and keep as much weed inside as possible. And presto! You now have a joint of premium Zanna.

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