Zanna is proud to bring the cannabis community a variety of ways to smoke cannabis. Zanna brings premium cannabis to a whole new level. Zanna takes care from seed to table and their quality control is second to none. Using old school methods with a new school mentally, Zanna is ready to have you exploring like never before. Zanna brings you 8ths, a 1g Pre-Roll, 16g and 8g mini buds, and 7 joints at .5 each for a full 8th of Pre-Rolls.

Zanna is premium indoor cannabis grown in Adelanto, California. With Captain Kirch at the helm of the grow, Zanna cuts no corners when taking care of their strains to produce high quality cannabis. Zanna brings you 8ths in their Explorer Box. These boxes come equipped with 3.5gs of Zanna. The Explorer Box allows you to break up your weed and enjoy it anyway you’d like – in a bowl, joint, bong or blunt.

The Space Tube is a highly thought out product that allows you to take a joint anywhere! And it comes with one inside already. The Zanna Space Tube 1g Pre-Roll is filled with all premium quality indoor cannabis. No shake, no filler, no sticks, no stems, no seeds. The Space Tube is reusable and is extremely sturdy. You can take it anywhere without having to worry about the joint being ruined.

Zanna pays very close attention to the cannabis community and through their ear to the ground have learned that people have been asking for larger amounts of cannabis at a lower price. Upon hearing this, Zanna introduced their Meteorites. Meteorites are mini nugs. The same flower and quality as the 8ths, but just smaller size nugs. And Zanna doesn’t stop there. They also added 15% MORE cannabis than other 7g and 14g bags. This brings an extra gram for the quarter ounce and an extra 2 grams for the half ounce bag. That’s more Zanna for everyone!

What has quickly become a fan favorite, the Space Case is a travel friendly case that carries 7 half gram joints. That is a total of 3.5gs rolled into .5 sized joints. The perfect size for a quick solo smoke or a short session with a friend. And then right back to the action! The Space Case is also limited edition as it carries Chapter 1 of the history of Zanna. Learn more on the origins of Zanna while smoking Zanna.

Zanna cares deeply about the community and stops at nothing to provide clean and quality flowers at honest prices. As the cannabis community continues to grow, so will Zanna. Check out all of the Zanna products at a nearby legal cannabis retail store near me. Or ask your local shop to carry Zanna.
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