Growing weed may seem like an easy thing to do.  Simply water, provide sun, and watch nature do the rest.  While for the weed that grows on the side on the sidewalk may need little to no attention, cannabis has the ability to reach high potential depending on the amount of attention you give it.  Depending on the grower and methods used, cannabis is able to grow taller, stronger, and better.  Throughout the years cannabis has been getting richer in THC due to improved growing methods and techniques.  The research the cannabis community has been able to conduct has evolved into a better understanding of terpenes and the Entourage Effect.  The Entourage Effect  is the overall effect of all compounds found in cannabis. The growers and cultivation team at Zanna take pride in understanding this fascinating plant and implement both old and new techniques to grow the best cannabis.  

“I’ve been growing cannabis now for about 12 years.  I’m a second generation grower.  My dad got me into growing” said Zanna cultivator Justin.

“I’ve been growing for about 18 years,” said another Zanna cultivator J.

“I’ve been growing for a few years now,” said crew cultivator Daniel.

It takes a team to work together in harmony to bring out the best of cannabis.  And having a crew that has a lot of experience is the first step to building a solid foundation.  Zanna’s Captain Kirch goes through each growers history and resume to make sure they will be a perfect fit.  Captain Kirch bonds with not only the flowers but his crew.  Captain Kirch is known for growing Zanna to an extremely highly potent form.  From the nursery to the grow to the harvest, the full process of the plant is carefully taken notice of.   

“You have to give them just as much love as you want out of them.  If you want that top product, you want that greatness,  you gotta put that love into it to get it at the end,” said J.

“Yes, the more attention you give them, the better obviously they are going to bloom, said Marissa.  “I’m one of those believers, that if you talk them a little bit, you know, they liven up.”

“I do believe if you sing and talk to the plants, they do listen,” said Justin.

“Paying close attention to the plant is definitely important,” said Daniel.

The cultivation crew is working hard non-stop to grow Zanna for everyone to enjoy.  The crew works 7 days a week to make sure all the levels, watering, pH balance, humidity and every variable is in place.  Zanna tests every batch to ensure safety and cleanliness of the product.  The cultivation crew is continuously pheno hunting and researching the market to keep improving and staying ahead of the curve.  The cannabis industry is ever evolving and Zanna’s cultivation crew is making sure they are growing the best weed in California. 

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