As the explorer begins the descent, the explorer continues to peer out of the spaceship. The planet is beautiful with luscious greenery and a beautiful blue sky. The ship lands on a beautiful meadow near a lake. No turbulence as the spaceship softly lands. The explorer is nervous but after being on Planet Z, is more confident in friendly inhabitants. The main concern is all the bulls. Bulls of all different colors are roaming freely. The explorer exits the spaceship and soon realized that not all the bulls are…bulls. Some are cows. As the explorer tries to wrap some thoughts about which colors are cows and which are bulls, every single one of them stops what they are doing, and turns to stare right at the explorer. The explorer stands still. Then, in unison, they lineup in 2 rows and stand staring at each other. The explorer can see something in the distance walking up.

A massive green bull is walking up to the explorer. This green bull is bigger, stronger, and looks to be in command of the others. There is silence as the bull finally reaches the explorer and stops. The bull opens its mouth and…

“Hello there. I am El Toro Verde. My family has been in a leadership position here on Planet Toro for centuries. We welcome you and wish you no harm. We notice you are in the spaceships of our good friends over on Planet Z. What brought you here today?”

The explorer is stunned. The bull speaks. And very intellectually as well. The lapse was not missed by El Toro Verde.

“Excuse me friend. Perhaps the trip has weighed heavy on you. Allow me to provide you with water, food and one of our home grown cannagars. It is 7gs of premium Zanna cannabis and 1.5gs of live rosin. It will get you to exactly where you want to be.”

Zanna here on Planet Toro? But how?

The explorer shakes off the frozen feeling and is finally able to speak.

“Hi and yes Thank you for your hospitality. I am friends with the inhabitants on Planet Z and have just come from there. I hit some turbulence as a spaceship abruptly appeared in front of me and I landed here. Thank you for the water, food and cannagar. I enjoyed Zanna on Planet Z and I am sure your cannagar is amazing,” said the explorer.

El Toro Verde turns around and begins to walk from where he came. The explorer followed and as they walked the other bulls and cows began to go back to what they were doing It seems El Toro Verde is the main one to know…