The explorer wakes up and is greeted with the smell of Zanna being smoked. It smells amazing and as the explorer gets ready begins to also get high. The explorer leaves the room and sees Mazar smoking at a table. On the table are 5 bags the size of a quarter next to an envelope.

“Come and join me”’ says Mazar.

‘The explorer sits down next to Mazar and stares down at what looks like seeds.

“These are Zanna seeds.” begins Mazar. “Each seed is the beginning of the process for you to bring peace, love, kindness, and energy to Earth. The power and responsibility must not be taken lightly. You will change the course of history and be the chosen one. Take these with you and go back to Earth. I have placed the coordinates into the navigation system and it should take you straight to Earth.

The explorer is ready to go. As the explorer heads over to the spaceship, Mazar says one final thing.

“Be safe and remember – Zanna is for everyone.”

The explorer gets into the spaceship and is ready to go. The spaceship starts to rumble and begins to lift off. The explorer holds on but the ride is smooth. The explorer goes higher and higher and before too long, is completely in outer space. The explorer can see Planet Z and it is becoming smaller and smaller. The spaceship begins to pick up speed when all of a sudden an alarm begins to sound. There’s a red light on the dashboard and the explorer is confused. A screen pops up on the dashboard and reads…

‘Danger, Danger, unforseen object. Change course. Repeat ; Change course.’

The explorer reaches for the steering wheel as there is a bright flash that blinds the explorer. The flash goes away as quickly as it came and floating in front of the explorer is another spaceship. A much larger spaceship. The alarm sounds off again and the screen now reads…

‘Danger, Danger. Dangerous object ahead. Change course. Repeat ; Change course.’

The explorer grabs the steering wheel and changes course but the spaceship seems to be moving slower and slower. In fact, it seems to be moving backwards. Towards the unknown spaceship.

I have to get out of here. I have to get back to save Earth.

The explorer scrambles to find a way to increase the speed. Buttons are being pushed, screens are being pressed, and joysticks are being moved. The explorer looks up and sees a green handle. With nothing to lose, the explorer grands and yanks on the handle. The explorer is slammed into the seat as the spaceship jolts forward and rushes into space. The explorer can only see rays of light passing by and after what seems like only a few seconds, the spaceship slows down and the explorer regains the ability to move. The explorer peers out of the window and sees a planet. A sense of relief washes over as Earth is within sight. The explorer sits back down and steers the ship towards Earth. The spaceship begins to descend and the explorer is happy to be home. The familiar sights of ocean and mountains ranges are welcoming to the explorer. Familiar animals like bulls are within sight. Beautiful bulls. All different colors. Yellow, blue, red, purple……

Uh-oh….this is not Earth…