Zanna’s Trim Family

The cannabis industry is filled with many different areas of work.  One can be a grower, farmer, trimmer, lab technician, extractor, driver, buyer, and the list goes on.  The legality of cannabis has increased the job force by creating more required infrastructure than before.  Human resources, marketing, product development and more, are now part of the business plan that cannabis businesses need.  There is no job more important than the next as each step is crucial in delivery top quality, premium cannabis to the consumer.  However, there are few jobs that have always been around the cannabis industry, and will continue to be around.  One of these jobs are trimmers. 

Trimmers, in the cannabis industry, refer to the group of people that literally trim off the excess leaves and stems in order to leave the full nug.  Why are trimmers so important?  The leaves and foliage that surround the cannabis nugs are not only filled with trichomes, thc, and can be used for other products, but serve as a protective layer to the nug(s).  The lack of attention to removing this layer can affect the nug in a very negative way.  If incorrectly trimmed, the end product can be harmed.  There can be less THC (as well as other beneficial compounds such as CBD), squished nugs, excess stems, excess leaves and an overall inferior looking product.  The importance of trimming is not lost to Zanna who chooses to still hire people to trim by hand.  No machines are used when trimming Zanna premium flowers.  Zanna trains each and every trimmer to make sure the quality is high and the standard is never dropped.

Another major reason Zanna hires hand trimmers is to further build the culture behind Zanna.  Cannabis is a plant and to be surrounded by other living beings that love cannabis further pushes Zanna’s passion for the culture.  And similar to food, growing with love creates a better product.  Zanna’s trimmers are hard working and cannabis lovers.  As time has passed, it is wonderful to see the employees bond like family.  Here is what a few of the Zanna trimmers have to say.  

“I love it,” says Brandon. 

“Feels like a kid in a playground,” says Axel.

“We consider the trim room like a trim family,” says Jesse.

The trimmers have spoken out and Zanna doesn’t want it any other way.   Good people creating good vibes is an environment that Zanna is happy to be a part of.  This feeling that is inside the workplace is hopefully transferred to each and every nug that gets smoked.  

“What I live about cannabis is that it helps me relax, be creative,”  says Tabitha.  “It’s great working here at Zanna.  I love it.  Family environment.”

Building a family environment is important to Zanna.  The teamwork and effort that goes into growing weed at Zanna can be felt from the moment you walk in.  From the nursery room to growers to trimmers to the packaging team and more, Zanna wants to welcome you to their family. 

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