El Toro Verde and Zanna presents the Executive Roll Cannagar

“Zanna’s flowers is why I chose Zanna,” said Bernie B. of El Toro Verde. “I wouldn’t be here with El Toro if it wasn’t the best.”

There is no match to the cannagar that El Toro Verde rolls. And with the added power of Zanna – makes it the premium cannagar of the industry. El Toro Verde is a unique cannagar in how it’s rolled, smoked, as well as the flower inside. The cannagar is unique in that it is an all cannabis hand rolled cigar. It is double wrapped, and triple capped like a cuban cigar but with cannabis leaves. It is filled with 7gs of premium cannabis and 1.5gs of premium rosin. There is no denying the level of craftsmanship in the El Toro Verde Executive Roll.

“With Captain Kirch, it’s consistent across the board. Pick and choose, don’t be confused, you can’t lose,” said Bernie B.

An important part of the process is picking the leaves. The fact that Bernie can walk straight into the grow and search for exactly what he is looking for heightens the quality immensely. He is able to find the right size, right look, right smell, right quality. The burning of the cannagar can be ruined by a bad leaf. El Toro Verde only uses the best.

“How we pick our leaf, is important. We come in and hand pick each leaf. We are actually looking for the size of the leaf to be usually palm or face size,” said Bernie B. Then we take it onto the next process. Just to let you see that each leaf is pulled, washed and processed.

The care that goes into each El Toro Verde cannagar is what pushes it over the top. From the beginning to the end, you will not be disappointed. There is now skewer, no hot spot, no string, no filler. It is 100% cannabis from start to finish. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and from the grower, to the timer, to the rollers, each stage of the process is carefully watched over.

How Do You Smoke The El Toro Verde Executive Roll Cannagar?
The cuban style roll, while elevating the experience and high, does have a specific way it needs to be sparked and smoked.

The El Toro Verde cannagar is sparked with a small torch. A regular lighter will not do the trick for this premium roll. As one begins to torch the end, turn the cannagar slowly in a circle to light the full end. Now you can take your first puff. When you take your first few puffs, make sure to give the cannagar a ¼ turn in order to have the cannagar burn evenly. The El Toro Verde cannagar should now be lit properly and enjoyed. Remember! A true cigar is never shared. Only enjoyed by the single person.

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