Deep Spacecast Mission 1 : 710 Hangout with Sen Dog, Ricky Williams, Soilgrown Solventless & El Toro Verde

Zanna had an opportunity to meet and smoke with legends on the wonderful day of 710.  Zanna sat down with Sen Dog from Cypress HIll & Power Flo and HIll House Reserve, ex-NFL Professional athlete Ricky WIlliams, Phil Salazar from Soilgrown Solventless and Bernie B. of El Toro Verde.  710 is a celebration for the cannabis community.  The cannabis community celebrates 420 for the weed/flower side, and then 710 for the concentrates/hash/dabs.  If one turns 710 around it spells “OIL”.  

The smoking began immediately as Bernie B. provided each their own El Toro Verde Executive Roll.  This is 7g’s of premium Zanna flower and 1.5g’s of live rosin.  And what happens when a group begins to smoke? Stories begin to be shared and we were able to listen in on some of these amazing stories.  

Sen Dog began the conversation with a question to Ricky Williams most of us have been wondering.  

“Did you ever play stoned?” asked Sen Dog.

“No,” said Ricky Williams.  “But when I went up to Canada, I broke my arm and missed like 2 months. And when I was rehabbing I started to practice a little bit and one day it was raining.  So we were driving to a facility that was covered and we were driving to practice and the guys started to pass a blunt around.  And so I hit it a couple times, and I did practice high.  I had the most amazing practice ever.”

Ricky Williams gave us a look into how cannabis helped him during and after rehab.  The first hand experience from a top athlete is a testimonial that carries a lot of weight.  Ricky Williams had a broken arm, and a slight tear in his achilles.  He was in a lot of pain and cannabis helped him curb this pain and allowed him to feel confident on the field. 

Ricky Williams then turns to Phil from Soilgrown Solventless and asks “What do you do?”

“I specialize in making hash and solventless concentrates,” replied Phil of Soilgrown Solventless.  I used to be passionate about concentrates period.  What I first learned was butane wax […] I then I started researching on hash. I have this desire, this fire that i just want to do something other than growing.  Something different.”  

It is a great to see people connect and bond over cannabis.  And with cannabis, there are so many ways for one to consume that people can pick and choose what they like.  Sen Dog has been an advocate for the cannabis industry since the 90’s and shared a story about his first time smoking kush with B-Real from Cypress Hill.

“I remember the first time I ever smoked some kush, it was in 1998 and my partner Breal, I think he was the first one in California to have it.  He said it was, so I kinda believe him.  And like you said earlier,  about started to feel weird and anxiety kinda thing.  I felt that when he first let me hit that weed,” said shared Sen Dog.  “So the next day I was like, you know what, I got to master that.  I got to go back to the studio and smoke with him all day again until that doesn’t happen. And eventually that came to pass.  I don’t feel anxiety anymore.  I’m just me being me with a nice little head buzz on me.”  

Do you remember the first time ever smoking kush? It is not your average chronic.  There are a lot of stories that are based around the 90’s having the best weed and how kush changed the industry.  

Cannabis has helped a lot fo people in different ways.  Some in sports, and others in education.  Bernie B. of El Toro Verde shared one of his cannabios stories. 

“I would read and it would be like putting a puppy to sleep.  Now I can get through a whole book,” said Bernie B.  “I can actually understand what I just read.”

The endocannabinoid system is just recently being explored and every person has a unique system.  Cannabis seems to affect people differently.  From creatives to athletes to scholars – cannabis is a running theme amongst even the most elite.

It was a great 710 celebration.  Zanna shared their flowers with Sen Dog, Ricky Williams, Soilgrown Solventless and El Toro Verde to make a day that will be remembered forever.