The explorer and Mazar make their way to the back of the home.  As they step outside the explorer is astonished at what is being looked at.  All of the meteorites are gleaming from the sun hitting the THC crystals.  The explorer has never seen weed drop from the sky.  The explorer can see Mazar’s neighbors picking up the Meteorites and the explorer bends over to pick one up.  The smell is loud and the potency can be seen.  The explorer looks down at where the meteorites were sitting and there is still something glistening on the ground.  As the explorer bends over, Mazar speaks.

“Ahhh, you can see the potency and quality of Zanna.  What you see there is our Meteorite Dust.  We also collect these even smaller nugs.  Zanna is so good that even the Meteorites have high quality dust.  These are perfect for rolling into joints or quick smoking. “

The explorer is bewildered by all of the cannabis on this planet.  Lost in thoughts, the explorer barely notices the spaceship.  This must be one of the smallest spaceships the explorer has ever seen.  The size is that of a car and fits the same amount of people.  Mazar reaches over and hands the explorer a controller. 

“This is how you enter and start the vehicle.  The premise is the same for all ships throughout the galaxy.  Whether it is being fueled by gas, air, Zanna, energy, water etc., You fly with pedals and steer with a wheel.  Here, let’s give it a try, “ says Mazar.

The explorer gets inside with Mazar and starts the ship.  They take off and the explorer realizes the craftsmanship and technology is far beyond that of Earth.  The explorer catches on quickly and Mazar discovers how smart the explorer really is.  Perhaps this is the explorer….the chosen one….

They land back at Mazar’s home and go back inside the house.  It is now getting dark and they both sit down to eat.  Mazar begins to speak…

“It has been awhile since we have visited your planet.  It is written in the stars that one day an explorer from Earth would arrive.  And they would need our help.  This is a story told to all Zannians from when we are young.  We are told to spread love, peace, and kindness.  And we do so by sharing Zanna.”

The explorer could not believe what is being said.  This is exactly what was being searched for.  The mission can be accomplished.  

“I will give you Zanna seeds and specific instructions and traditions on how to grow them,” said Mazar.  “These seeds will be a variety of flavors and strains and you must follow our ways to grow these to their full potential.  You also must agree that you will use this for the improvement and bettering of Earth’s environment and life.  Zanna is a gift.  A gift for us all to enjoy.”

“Yes,” says the explorer.  “I agree and commit to your ways.  Earth is ready to explore the world of Zanna.”

“Good.  Now get rest and tomorrow you will go back to Earth,” says Mazar.