The explorer is happy to hear Mazar speak about going home and as the explorer enters Mazar’s home, the explorers eyes widen.  Mazar’s home is filled with telescopes, blueprints, drawings, books, and of course, Zanna.  The explorer makes his way further inside and Mazar is about to speak when there is a light rumbling.  It sounds as if small baseballs are falling on the rooftop.   

“Oh don’t worry,” says Mazar.  “That is just the Meteorites.  At 420pm everyday, the sky opens up and we are blessed with Meteorites.  These are top quality, high end, top shelf, premium Zanna mini nugs.  While not as large as the Zanna we grow, the Meteorites provide the same punch and flavor.  It is for everyone.”

The explorer goes back to the doorway and looks outside.  Mazar is speaking the truth.  What looks like rain falling on Earth is Zanna  falling on Planet Z.  Rain helps bring life to the planet and it seems Meteorites do the same here.  

“Let us smoke while I tell you how to get home,” says Mazar.  

Mazar lights another Zanna joint and the explorer is all ears.

“You are not the first to have arrived here.  We also know we are the most peaceful and self sustained planet in the universe.  And how do we know this? Because everyone comes here with problems.  And we are happy to help.  What you may not realize is that we have already been to your planet.  We have helped in various ways with Zanna.  Planet Earth was just not ready to accept.  We were there to help Henry Ford create the hemp car.  Stronger and lighter than steel, this vehicle would be the future of transportation.  We were the growing hemp with George Washington to begin America with large cannabis fields.  We passed out Zanna joints during the historic Martin Luther King Jr. walk and famous “I Have A Dream” speech.  We supported Elizabeth Cady Stanton in civil rights and women’s rights in their movement.  We have helped the Zanna community on Earth and are ready to continue.  We support peace throughout the universe.  Earth included.  We have ventured into your solar system, and will help you get back so that you may help create the peaceful home that you desire.  We have transportation that will take you back to your solar system.  We will provide you seeds which carry the genes for the best Zanna.  You must grow them with the strict procedures we will share with you.  This will give you the different types of Zanna, or cannabis as your Earthlings call it, to grow on Earth.