Jet Room – Zanna Is Ready To Launch In The CIty of Adelanto

Zanna is launching at its first retail store – Jet Room.  Jet Room is a legal and compliant cannabis retail store in the city of Adelanto.  Located at 17499 Adelanto Road, Adelanto California 92301, Jet Room is both open for legal medical patients over 18+ and recreational for all California residents over the age of 21.  Jet Room opened up in December of 2017 and boasts an impressive showroom with a huge selection of licensed cannabis companies.  There are top brands from all throughout California and it is an honor to be amongst the brands to choose from.

Zanna will be inside Jet Room and available for purchase beginning May 12th.  Zanna will be giving out 50 free lighters and 25 free facemasks.  Jet Room will be carrying 5 Zanna strains.  The 5 Zanna strains that will be making their way and be available for purchase are Romulan, Purple Punch, Vanilla Frosting, Fire OGand Venom OG.  Zanna cannabis is ready for Earth’s explorers.  The cannabis community is going to feel a new type of high with Zanna.

How does one get to the Jet Room in Adelanto? Jet Room is located off the I-15 Freeway.  If one is coming South from Barstow/Las Vegas direction, it will be right after Apple Valley.  If one is coming from Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County areas, it will be the I-15N – Exit 141 onto US-395.  Make a right onto Rancho rd and then a left onto Adelanto Rd.  Jet Room will be on your right hand side.  

The city of Adelanto has been supportive of the cannabis community and has been one of the most receptive cities in California.  The city has also approved legal cannabis events to take place within their city limits and has also proposed a cannabis park that would take 105 acres of mostly dirt and Joshua trees.  Adelanto allows, with proper permits and licenses, the following cannabis activities : Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing (volatile or non-volatile), Distribution/Transportation, Nurseries, and Testing.  

Jet Room in the city of Adelanto is the perfect location for the first launch of Zanna.  The staff is highly knowledgeable and the customer service is at it’s finest.  The budtenders know about terpenes, THC, CBD and more.  They will help you find the product you are looking for and also help recommend other products that will help aid you in what you are looking for.  Zanna has landed and it’s time for the explorer in you, to try a taste.

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