Chapter One – The Beginning

Due to climate change, humanity is reaching its end and a familiar resource has made its way from another planet to save it.

As the earth keeps plummeting into the dangers of climate change, it is up to one explorer to save humanity. The daunting task of saving planet earth is not an easy one to bear and with the earth running out of resources and with no new discoveries found, the explorer is ready to venture where none have ventured before – Planets beyond our current exploration.

Space exploration and new planets that are able to sustain life is the main initiative. Leaving all friends and family behind, the explorer is ready for the great unknown. 1st stop – Proxima Centauri, the closest star to earth. The launch is successful and the entire planet watches as the spaceship makes its way out of our atmosphere and into space.

3 years go by and the explorer is almost there. But wait…

Sirens begin to sound and the ship’s instruments begin to report what is happening. The explorer realizes there is a rip in spacetime due to the collapse of the star. Proxima Centauri seems to have reached the end of its cycle and has now collapsed in on itself creating a Black Hole. The explorer rushes to turn the ship around to escape, but it’s too late. The Black Hole has too strong of a gravitational pull, and Earth’s last hope seems to be gone as the ship sinks deeper and deeper into nothingness. As the explorer is fully engulfed, there is a moment of silence as the ship is doing everything possible to not shatter into pieces.