Chapter 4

The explorer has now realized what it is going to take to save Earth from climate change, war, and more.  The Earth must grow cannabis everywhere possible.  This realization has the explorer thinking of so many possibilities that the explorer hasn’t noticed Mazar go silent.  The joint is done.  The explorer now has the munchies as well as the thoughts of how to get home.  To eat or to get home….to eat or get home….

“Do you have any food by chance?” says the explorer.

“Hahaha Yes,” Says Mazar.  “Follow me.”

The explorer begins to walk and follows Mazar through the cannabis plants, over hills, through trees and, after what seems to be a short amount of time, is abruptly surprised by a small village in the middle of the forest.  

“Welcome to Del Atona.  It is our village.  We work, eat, sleepy, grow and live here.  From here we visit our family and friends who also live in similar settings.” said Mazar.

At first the explorer was shocked at how primitive the village looked.  Houses and buildings were made of plants.  The streets were dirt and the transportation…..the Zannians were walking, driving, riding and flying.  There were huge fields of Zanna, as far as the explorer can see. Slowly the explorers’ eyes began to widen as the level of technology and sophistication began to make itself clear.  There is no pollution.  Everyone is smiling.  Everything is being powered and fueled.  As the explorer walks through the village Mazar gives an explanation.

“Our vehicles are powered by cannabis,our buildings are powered by Zanna, every aspect of our life revolves around Zanna.  We only work to sustain the lifestyle we desire.  Zannians do not have currency.  We trade our services or trade in Zanna.  Due to the abundance of food and resources, there is no need for greed.  Everyone has more than enough thanks to Zanna,” explained Mazar.

It is beginning to make sense to the explorer and they soon find themselves at the foot of Mazar’s home.  The explorer has only one question.  How to get home.  If the explorer can find a way home and bring back this knowledge and Zanna, the Earth can be saved.  But how? The spaceship crashed.  Surely the Zannians have a way off their planet…

“Now,” said Mazar.  “Let us help get you home…”