Walking on 2 legs, with a tail, from behind the cannabis stalks, appears a fuschia colored life form.  And the life form begins to speak….

“Hello there…and welcome.  My name is Mazar.  We are Zannians and this is Planet Z.  We wish you no harm as we are a peaceful planet.  With whom do we have the pleasure of speaking too?”

The explorer stays silent as every word is understandable.  Mazar is speaking English.  The confusion is masked by the helmet and the explorer recovers after an awkward silence.

“Hi, I am from planet Earth.  I come in peace and mean you no harm,” says the explorer.

Mazar begins to walk closer and there seems to be something smoking like a gun in his hand.  The explorer gets a sense of fear but is quickly disarmed when Mazar puts his hand to his mouth and seems to be inhaling the smoke.  It’s a joint.  Mazar is casually puffing on weed.  Mazar stretched out his arm and holds out the joint as a friendly pass.

“We, Zannians, believe in peace and harmony.  Our planet is lush with Zanna and we incorporate it into our everyday lives.  Our fields are full, our food is plentiful, Zannians are happy, there is no war, and our air, forests and oceans are as clean as can be.  We owe this all to the wonderful plant – Zanna,” says Mazar.

The explorer reaches out and grabs the joint…

“The smell is outrageous.  The ash and smoke are pure white as proof of the quality and cleanliness of the cannabis plant.  Except here…it is not called cannabis…it is called Zanna…”

The astronaut can hear Mazar speaking and as the explorer is trying to take all the information in, takes a couple puffs of Zanna.

Passes it back to Mazar.

Mazar puffs and passes back to explorer.

Explorer puffs and passes it back to Mazar.

The explorer is extremely high at this point…

“…Did you know the word bed..actually looks like a bed?  Why do noses run…but feet smell?  If you’re waiting for the waiter…doesn’t that make you the waiter?

Zanna is helping Planet Z be peaceful and environmentally safe.  The air is fresh.  The crops are growing exponentially.  The clothes, buildings, vehicles, fuel, to soap.  All made from Zanna.  From cannabis.  I must bring this back to Earth to save it…”

The explorer has found what was being searched for.  Zanna must be brought back to Earth in order to save it.  Now to get back home…