The silence is deafening and everything goes black.  The explorer’s eyes shut and then…BANG!  A loud noise erupts and the astronaut’s eyes open.  The spaceship is flying through space and sirens are blaring.  Navigation systems are down and the ship seems to be heading towards a planet.  The spaceship is going down and the astronaut is guiding it the best way possible.  The spaceship breaks the atmosphere and crashes onto the planet.

Light peers in through the cockpit.  Slowly the eyes flutter open and the realization of being alive is made clear by the breeze coming through the broken window pane of the cockpit and moving the foliage around.

“Where am I…” thinks the explorer.

The air is crisp, clean and as the explorer goes outside, the intense greenery and foliage is all the explorer can think about.  Animal sounds are surrounding him but there is no sense of danger.  Everything is at peace.  The explorer walks towards the first tree and realizes….

It’s cannabis.   Cannabis is growing freely and in abundance.

Wow, this is amazing.  What beautiful looking weed.” 

The explorer reaches out to touch the cannabis plant to make sure it is not a figment of the imagination.  The scent is very similar to that of Earth; however, this is much more pungent and the trichomes are glistening to an almost blinding point.  The buds are sticky and as the astronaut attempts to break a stalk off, a loud noise erupts.  The explorer is not alone…

From the bushes appears a blue colored animal with 3 eyes, scales, and a beak of a bird.  The explorer feels no tension and the animal is creating a soothing noise that appears to be a call.  The explorer feels at peace and as the animal begins to get closer, a voice is heard straight ahead in the distance.  The animal turns around and heads back into the bushes.

“Uh-oh…I really hope the people here are friendly.  They have to with all this weed…”

The explorer begins to shout….“Hey! Over here! I could use some assistance!”

The movement stops and the other voice comes to a halt.  Suddenly there are voices all around the astronaut and with so many, it is hard to distinguish what any are saying.  The explorer begins to feel nervous.  The voices are getting closer and closer.  Then…from behind the cannabis stalks…there seems to be a group of….people?  But not regular humans.  This is something different.  They are not from the human race.